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Arjen Banach is a highly rated international keynote speaker. In his work as an organizational-futurist he makes companies fit for the future, by focusing on at two main topics:

  •  Innovative Leadership - Renew the organizational culture, let changes succeed, get your employees on board and make sure innovation is a part of every employees work.
  •  Employee Experience - More then ever talent is capable to choose wisely for an employer which looks after them. Companies that creates an inspiring Employee Experience gain better results.

These two themes will transform in the coming years from a distinguishing factor to an absolute must for companies all over the world. But how does it work and where do you start? This is where Arjen comes in...

In 2018 Arjen was named one of the most promising speakers in the Netherlands, because of the high level of interaction, humor and energy in his keynotes. His book 'Organizational Vibe' was nominated for Managementbook of the Year 2019

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Most Popular Keynotes

Power of Changing

- How do changes in companies succeed

- How to get employees on board of change

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Innovative Leadership

- How to start with innovation, every employee

- Which type of leadership needed to innovate

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Employee Experience

- How to transform the company culture

- Transform your employees into your fans

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Arjen's USPs

High level of interaction, energy and humor in the keynotes.
Scientifically proven and full of best-practices.

One of the leading experts on Employee Experience and Change Management in The Netherlands.

Named as one of the most promising speakers in The Netherlands.
A wake up call and call to action.